Irwin for Investor Relations Advisors & Consultants

Irwin allows IR Advisors and Consultants to save time, stay organized, and provide clients with critical insights.

Illustration of Irwin software tracking multiple securities.

Spend more time with your clients.

Multi-security management

Manage multiple clients and keep everything organized in a single tool.

Perform in-depth research

Perform investor research and get insightful reports.

Designed to save you time

The Irwin platform considers time-savings for IR consultants and advisors at every step.

Expand your network of investors

Use Irwin to find, build, and manage relationships with global investors.

Learn more about why hundreds of IR Consultants and Advisors globally choose Irwin to help better manage their client's IR programs.

Demonstrate ROI

Show your clients the impact of your IR activity with insightful reports and activity tracking.

Supported by a team of experts

Award-winning support from capital markets experts to extend the bandwidth of your IR consultancy.

Illustration of some of Irwin's IR CRM capabilities, including Investor Tear Sheets, Roadshow Itineraries, and Investment Activity since last meeting.

Manage All Of Your Client & Relationship Data In A Single, Secure Platform.

Our intuitive Investor Relationship Management (IRM) functionality includes global data on institutions, funds, and retail advisors, and the ability to manage email interactions, roadshow and conference schedules, meeting history, and tear-sheets so your clients are always prepared.

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Save Time On Research And Report Generation

Irwin’s global database and powerful search capabilities enable you to find the right investor information in less time. Build meeting itineraries and manage roadshows for clients in an easy to use CRM platform.

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Illustration of Irwin's IR CRM's roadshow itinerary and tearsheet output.

Expand Your Network Of Global Investors

Irwin makes it easy for advisors to search for Institutions, Funds & Retail Investment Advisors for each of their clients. With Irwin, you can connect with a global database of qualified investors and keep your client’s databases separate.

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Easy To Use Reporting Saves You Time

Irwin's out of the box reports and user friendly interface allow you to easily build reports and share progress for your clients. Quickly showcase your impacts on IR and positive business outcomes from roadshows and shareholder base changes. 

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Illustration of Irwin software tracking multiple securities.

Streamline Your Workflow With Multi-Security Management

Seamlessly manage and quickly navigate between any security with Irwin's multi-security management. The security you select will power your Irwin experience, and all ownership, stock and holdings data will be specific to that chosen ticker.

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