Investor Relations CRM

Maintain and grow relationships with the investment community with Irwin's award-winning investor relationship management solution. Irwin's CRM and Engagement tools enable context and business continuity for IR teams by tracking all of your investor interactions, providing in-depth reporting capabilities, and providing tools to seamlessly manage investor events and conferences.

Illustration of some of Irwin's IR CRM capabilities, including Investor Tear Sheets, Roadshow Itineraries, and Investment Activity since last meeting.

Intuitive investor relations CRM

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Manage IR Activity

Keep track of all investor interactions, including your emails and events in Outlook and Gmail.

IR Activity Reporting

Seamlessly report on your IR activity, outreach efforts, and meeting and event outcomes.

Event Management

Leverage Irwin's event management tools to quickly prepare itineraries, tear sheets, and more.

What Clients Say About Irwin's Investor Relations CRM

Learn more about what Irwin clients have to say about our investor relations CRM:

Patrick Jobin headshot
Sunrun logo

"Irwin is critical to optimize time"

“What drove me to Irwin was the clean interface. I can quickly accomplish tasks without getting bogged down in a cumbersome legacy interface. The whole point of the IRM is to efficiently track engagement to optimize how you interface with investors and report on it for efficacy purposes, and the nuanced features in Irwin are incredibly valuable time savers.”

Patrick Jobin
SVP Finance & Investor Relations at Sunrun
Mike McCarthy Headshot
Docebo logo

“Enhanced my ability to contribute value to the leadership team and to the investor base."

“If it's an organization I'm not familiar with, I can now go to Irwin and very conveniently pull that profile. In this scenario, seeing the people and the funds they manage is quite helpful. The more users, the more data points we have. We're all kind of using Irwin in a very communal way.”

Mike McCarthy
VP IR at Docebo
Jeff Chastain Headshot
H&E Logo

“So easy to use”

“Instead of spending all my time inputting many records, Irwin Assistant has been quite useful for me and building my itinerary. I’ll receive an itinerary from the banks we’re working with and send that to Irwin Assistant to get it into our account. I can then go in and make edits about the particulars after they’ve happened, such as meeting notes, but the main thing is that the data is already there, which was the most time-consuming part.”

Jeff Chastain
VP IR at H&E Equipment Services
Illustration of an investor profile available in Irwin's IR CRM

Track Every Interaction You Have With An Investor

Track and manage your meetings, emails, phone calls, and more with Irwin’s built-in activity management and reporting. Understand how your activity correlates to ownership changes and keep all your communication contexts in one place. 

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Report On The Success Of Your IR Program

Our investor relationship management software includes a library of pre-built reports to easily generate the insights you need for your executive team, board, and other stakeholders.

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Illustration of a donut chart representing investor turnover and a bar chart representing investor entrances and exits
Illustration of Irwin IR CRM email campaign analytics dashboard.

Integrate Irwin With Your Calendar and Email To Streamline Investor Communications

Track your team’s emails with investors by integrating your Google and Outlook calendar and email with Irwin’s IR CRM.

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Manage Investor Conferences And Roadshows With Ease

Research investors before your meetings, build itineraries for your teams, create investor tearsheets for your management team before meetings to ensure they’re prepared with all the context to have strategic conversations.

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Illustration of Irwin's IR CRM's roadshow itinerary and tearsheet output.

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