Irwin IQ

Irwin IQ provides actionable shareholder, investor, activist, and peer data from your IR website.

Innovative data and insights from your IR website.

Irwin IQ enriches IR website analytics with industry-leading capital markets data to better contextualize web traffic.

Map website visitors to investor profiles.

Irwin IQ's data enrichment for IR website visitors is supported by Irwin's robust investor database.

Make your investor outreach more relevant

Use data from Irwin IQ to understand what investors are consuming from your IR website and conduct relevant, timely outreach.

Understand the impact of your IR program

Measure the timely impact of your investor events, press releases, and outreach.

Get ahead of activists before they launch a campaign

See activist history right within Irwin IQ and prepare your management team.

Surface suggested contacts relevant to your company

Automated contact suggestions tailored to your company peer ownership, market cap, sector & sub-sector, and geography.

Automated investor context and activity

Immediately compile essential information about investor organizations and relevant contacts. Get high-quality insights, fast.

“Being able to identify investors, peers, and other audiences visiting our website adds a helpful layer of context. For example, we can track the success of our recent corporate publications, such as a new ESG report, or identify visitor trends around earnings or corporate events,” said Quentin Weber, Senior Advisor, Investor Relations, WSP. “Irwin IQ goes beyond just anonymized website traffic; it allows us to identify investors who might be interested in our story, which adds a lot of value.”

Quentin Weber, Sr Advisor, IR, WSP Global
Quentin Weber
Senior Advisor, Investor Relations, WSP Global
Illustration of some of Irwin's IR CRM capabilities, including Investor Tear Sheets, Roadshow Itineraries, and Investment Activity since last meeting.

Map Your Website Visits To Investor And Shareholder Profiles

Irwin already gives you the most comprehensive data on prospective and current investors in your business. Now, you can supplement that with activity data from your IR website, allowing you to map website viewership to shareholder ownership and your team's IR outreach.

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Identify Prospective Investor Targets

Use timely and actionable data from Irwin IQ to identify potential investor targets who are showing interest in your company.

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Illustration of Irwin's shareholder monitoring demonstrating current holders, an activism alert, and weekly analyst reports.

Activist Monitoring

Irwin IQ has helped IR teams identify over 150 activist investors across our network of sites. IR teams leveraging IQ are able to identify activists prior to the launch of their campaigns and arm their management team with information about the activists' historical campaigns.

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Proactive Insight, Easy To Share

Irwin IQ will surface and deliver the most active companies on your site in an easy-to-digest weekly email. Easily share meaningful insights with management teams and colleagues outside of IR

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Illustration of a donut chart representing investor turnover and a bar chart representing investor entrances and exits

Improve Your IR Outreach

Understand the content that IR website visitors are consuming to make your investor outreach more relevant.

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Understand The Performance of Conferences, Meetings, and Events

Understand if your time-based initiatives such as investor conference, meetings, earnings calls, and press releases are driving investor interest.

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Multiple Subscription Options to Suit Your Company Needs.

Irwin IQ is compatible with all modern IR website providers and is available to existing Irwin clients or as a standalone subscription, offering broader access to valuable datasets. 

Part of an Irwin Subscription

Irwin IQ can be accessed as part of a subscription to Irwin's flagship investor targeting, CRM, and shareholder monitoring.

Standalone Subscription

Irwin IQ can be accessed as a standalone subscription, providing the highest level of optionality to innovative IR teams looking to supplement existing data.

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