The IR solution designed with engagement in mind

Discover and connect with investors. Monitor shareholder changes. Track every interaction with ease. With automated features and proactive insights, Irwin saves you time to focus on what matters most—deepening relationships across the capital markets community.

Illustration of Irwin's investor relations software.

Trusted by Innovative IR Teams

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Modern, Integrated, Automated.

Modern & intuitive

Say goodbye to clunky & outdated systems.

Integrated data

All your most important data in one place.

Proactive insights

Reduced-time to insight and automation built-in.

Service excellence

Award-winning service to support your IR program.

Illustration of Irwin's reporting capabilities showing two donut graphs representing investor turnover and geography.

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Trusted by Innovative IR Teams

"Recently, clients and prospects have been wanting help with ESG targeting, so that is where we will use Irwin, which has been very useful. That level of screening and filtering by ESG investors is not something we're finding on other data platforms. It’s a unique value proposition for Irwin.”

Steve Adams

Managing Director, Chief of Staff, Clermont Partners

“Generating reports at the end of quarter (ie. who is moving money and where)—that used to be a two to three-day exercise with Ipreo, and now I can get that done in a day with Irwin. It is for sure a time saver.”

Jamie Heard

Manager, Capital Markets, Tourmaline Oil Corp

“Investors may sign up to hear what you have to say because they are interested in your industry, but that’s not the best use of a CEO’s time. Thanks to Irwin, we have a higher degree of confidence in their level of interest in our company."

Jeff Chastain

VP IR, H&E Equipment Services

"Seeing that we're driving website visits from our shareholders and having the visibility that people are stepping out of meetings and going to the website after has provided us with a lot of insight into the effectiveness of our strategy."

Lindsay Bahadir

Investor Relations & Corporate Communications Manager, SilverCrest Metals Inc.

"We were looking for a more proactive resource to better partner with us on investor targeting and to better leverage customer relationship management information. What we found was a modern IR platform with a dynamic and easy-to-use interface and a high-touch, cohesive team. The team has become my primary resource related to understanding our investors and who we should be reaching out to."

Shelly Hubbard

VP IR, Pentair

“The number one issue is how precious time is—anything that takes tons of time to do but isn’t a high-value activity is a non-starter and must be shed. And Irwin is critical to optimize time—helping identify what investors we engage with and how we track it.”

Patrick Jobin

Senior Vice President of Finance & Investor Relations, Sunrun

"An ESG-focused IR strategy is what we are deploying at WSP, and Irwin has given me the data and intel to build around that."

Quentin Weber

Senior Advisor of Investor Relations, WSP Global

“As someone who was not a big fan of IR tools throughout my corporate career, Irwin  has helped open my eyes to ways that my perspective needed to be changed. It has helped me find a way to enhance my ability to contribute value to the leadership team and to the investor base.”

Mike McCarthy

VP IR, Docebo

A Versatile Suite of IR Tools and Services

Illustration of Irwin's shareholder monitoring solution demonstrating buyer and seller movement.

Shareholder Monitoring

Get transparency and insight into your shareholder base with Irwin's comprehensive suite of shareholder monitoring solutions. Reporting filings, NOBO data, stock surveillance, custom holders, and intuitive reporting allow you to maintain relationships and communicate regularly with key shareholders.

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Illustration of investor targeting results in Irwin

Investor Targeting

Target the right investors for your company with Irwin's precision investor targeting solution. Access our comprehensive database of institutional, hedge fund, and family office investors, then conduct outreach directly from the Irwin platform.

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Illustration of some of Irwin's IR CRM capabilities, including Investor Tear Sheets, Roadshow Itineraries, and Investment Activity since last meeting.

Investor CRM and Engagement Tools

Irwin's award-winning CRM solution is purpose-built for IR teams. Our platform centralizes your investor interactions, streamlines reporting, and simplifies event management—freeing you to focus on what matters most: deepening connections across the capital markets community.

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Illustrative mockup of Irwin IQ website insights.

Irwin IQ Website Intelligence

Strengthen your investor relations strategy with Irwin IQ, our cutting-edge website visitor and content intelligence tool. Gain valuable insights into which investors and peer companies are engaging with your IR website, and understand which content drives the most impact. Irwin IQ seamlessly integrates with our comprehensive suite of IR tools, empowering you to make data-driven decisions and focus on building meaningful relationships.

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Illustration of Irwin software tracking multiple securities.

Irwin + FactSet

An end-to-end platform that seamlessly integrates Irwin's powerful CRM with FactSet's market-leading financial data, analysis, and research. This strategic integration empowers IR teams with the most comprehensive capital markets insights and data, all in one place.

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