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With thousands of users across the world, Irwin is a trusted solution for all investor relations needs. Sophisticated technology, unique data, and easy-to-use workflows seamlessly work together to make your life easier.

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"It’s paramount for investor relations consultants to have a solution like this, and I really can’t see how they can adequately target the right investors for their clients without Irwin. Without a solution like Irwin many IR firms can be stuck recycling the same people and failing to generate new interest amongst different investors. "

Laura Kiernan, Founder & CEO at High Touch IR
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Irwin Features

Supercharge Your Investor Relations

The only platform to enable users to search for Institutions, Funds & Retail Investment Advisors. With Irwin, investor targeting possibilities are endless. You can target by:

  • Location (Country, Territory, City)
  • Market Cap & Security Ownership
  • Geographic Ownership
  • Sector & Sub-Sector Focus
  • Turnover, AUM, Buying Power and Investor Style

Irwin's intuitive design allows for seamless management of your company's contacts. Our CRM function is easy-to-use, and designed to improve your workflow.

  • Track interactions and activities with investors and stakeholders
  • Create custom contacts and institutions
  • Tag flow creation and management
  • Report and maintain record of investor activities conveniently

Understand where you're spending the most time and effort. Improve your efficiency by knowing where your Investor Relations activities are best spend:

  • Gain insight into your efforts and corresponding return on investment
  • Understand your most impactful interactions
  • Evaluate your activities by type, location, attendee and broker
  • Track which meetings linked to buying and selling

Visualize investment opportunities with a global heat map of qualified investors that are a good fit for your company.

  • Find investors and pools of capital that you wouldn't otherwise know about
  • Search by gross buying and selling as well as net money flows on a global basis
  • Zoom in on countries, cities and institutions that are active within your company's' sector
  • Hone in on tertiary pools of active global capital and stay ahead of the competition

Track your team's emails with investors by integrating your email provider with Irwin. Send emails to individuals or bulk recipient lists to schedule meetings, send news or follow up communications.

  • 1 to 1 Email - Easily send emails from within Irwin
  • Track your email history for all the contacts in your database with fully automated email tracking
  • Bulk Email Manager enables you to connect with hundreds of your contacts with a single email send
  • Intuitive analytics & reporting allows users to track their email performance and determine which efforts are most effective
  • Integrates with leading email service providers:

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