A comprehensive suite of investor relations tools

With Irwin, you can better manage your IR initiatives and empower your IR team. Our versatile product includes powerful investor targeting, the most comprehensive shareholder monitoring, an intuitive CRM (with built-in email and engagement tools), website and content intelligence, and an industry-leading integration with FactSet.

an illustration of the Irwin IR product suite

How it works

Irwin allows you to better manage your IR program by automating manual tasks, giving you access to powerful, differentiated investor and shareholder data, and reducing your time to insight so IR teams can focus on adding strategic value to their company. 

Illustration of Irwin's investor targeting capabilities.

Find New Investors

Irwin provides an extensive database of institutional and opaque investors with intuitive targeting capabilities, so you can focus on building strategic relationships and tapping into new sources of capital to fuel your company’s innovation.

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Understand What's Happening in your Shareholder Base

Industry-leading shareholder monitoring provides insight into reported, retail, surveillance, and custom holders in one intuitive, easy-to-use platform. 

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Illustration of Irwin's shareholder monitoring demonstrating current holders, an activism alert, and weekly analyst reports.
Illustration of an investor profile available in Irwin's IR CRM

Build Business Continuity and Track Progress in your Investor Relations Program

Irwin's intuitive investor CRM allows you to record, track, and report on IR activity, so your team always has the context for informed discussions with the investment community. 

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Perform Investor Outreach, Manage Events and Roadshows, and Prepare Your Executive team.

Irwin's CRM functionality provides you with integrated email and calendar functionality, so you can manage and record your IR activities integrated with the tools you already use. Plan roadshows and investor events with easy-to-use itineraries, export tearsheets to give your management team the proper context walking into conversations, and send important investor email campaigns with Irwin Mail. 

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Illustration of some of Irwin's IR CRM capabilities, including Investor Tear Sheets, Roadshow Itineraries, and Investment Activity since last meeting.

Identify Risk and Opportunity with Irwin IQ

Irwin's website intelligence tool, Irwin IQ, gives you unparalleled access to insight from your IR website, no matter your hosting provider. Identify prospective investors, shareholders, potential activists, peer companies, and partners visiting your IR website with an added layer of IR intel from the Irwin database.

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Streamline Your IR Program With Fully-Integrated Market Analytics

Irwin now integrates with the FactSet Workstation, equipping you with the right tools and insights to enhance investor engagment and communication and strengthen investor trust.

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Illustration of Irwin software within Factset
Illustration of an enhanced targeting report available through Irwin's Professional Services.

Get Access to Professional Services Strategic Support

Irwin's Capital Markets Strategy Services gives you additional bench strength for your IR program, with enhanced investor targeting, board reporting services, and analyst targeting so you can focus on building relationships.

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Modern, Integrated, Automated.

Modern & intuitive

Say goodbye to clunky & outdated systems.

Integrated data

All your most important data in one place.

Proactive insights

Reduced-time to insight and automation built-in.

Service excellence

Award-winning service to support your IR program.

Illustration of Irwin's reporting capabilities showing two donut graphs representing investor turnover and geography.

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