Generate Revenue. Stay Organized and Save Time. Broaden Your Client Base

"Our team uses Irwin quite extensively as it has been very helpful for targeting new investors. We can really hone in on investors that are a good fit for the research product or deal that we're working on, and we’ve been able to grow our client list as a result."

Wayne Phipps, CFA
Cormark Securities

Uncover New Clients with Less Time And Effort. Sell More Deals. Stay Organized And On Track.


Having difficulty communicating and maintaining information across your team?


Spending too much time prospecting new clients?


Looking to improve the tracking and reporting of client metrics?

Manage All Of Your Client Data In A Single, Secure Platform

Manage your interactions with your client base across your research coverage. Run targeting reports, pull shareholder lists, understand resource consumption and ROI.

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Save Time On Research And Report Generation

Irwin’s global database and powerful search capabilities enable you to find the right investor information in less time. Build meeting itineraries and manage roadshows in an easy to use CRM platform.

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Expand Your Network Of Investors

Irwin makes it easy for users to search for Institutions, Funds & Retail Investment Advisors. With Irwin, you can connect with a global database of qualified investors.

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