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Support from capital markets expertise adds bench strength to your IR program.

Insights and reporting services save you time.

Our Professional Services leverage Irwin's software platform, data capabilities, and collective expertise to provide differentiated and value-enhancing services that complement your core responsibilities and save you valuable time.


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Enhanced Investor Targeting

Save time searching for new investors by leveraging Irwin's data and expertise to provide you with a detailed list of hand-selected investors tailored specifically to your company.

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Get Access to Strategic Capital Markets Strategy Support

Board Reporting

Highly customizable and comprehensive reporting intended to save you valuable time by providing highly relevant insight into your shareholder base, relative positioning vs. peers, and consensus views.

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Analyst Targeting

Analyst Targeting

Increase your chances of finding the right sell-side analysts to cover your company by utilizing our team's data and analytical expertise to more easily distinguish between analysts based on the criteria most important to you.

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An illustration of the peer-read-through report

Peer Read-throughs

Receive strategic, time-sensitive peer insights to power your most important events and conversations with Irwin's Peer Read-through Service. Extract and analyze the most important information most relevant to your company from your peer earnings and conference call transcripts.

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An illustration of the weekly market summary report

Weekly Market Summary

Get a sector and peer-specific view of the market on a weekly basis with Irwin’s Weekly Market Summary. Leverage insights to prepare your management team for interactions with investors & analysts and solidify key speaking points on your company’s performance relative to your peers and sector.

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Quentin Weber
“I could get much of the data from any platform, like consensus estimates, for example - but Irwin takes it a step past the data. When you get into targeting investors, many platforms have targeting services that you pay extra for on top of a platform fee, but with Irwin, that value is built right into the platform. When you're headed out on the road, it’s easy to set up your filters and get high-priority names for that trip. If, for example, we have some open time on a trip we’ve planned and the bank can’t come up with any more names, I’ll go into Irwin and grab high-value targets and provide them with that information."
Jeffrey Chastain
Vice President of Investor Relations
H&E Equipment Services
H&E Equipment Services
Quentin Weber
"Irwin has allowed us to do much of the same things that we were doing before, but much faster, and without as much of a headache as if we were using some of those other data platforms for this. Irwin also has a much more simplified and streamlined user interface, which goes a long way."
Steve Adams
Managing Director and Chief of Staff
Clermont Partners LLC
Clermont Partners LLC
Quentin Weber
“[The customer support] is excellent. I’ve been with a lot of different vendors through my 20-year career in IR. There’s continuity, there’s responsiveness -- even if my Irwin representative is traveling, I can easily find support and know that I will receive a quick response.”
Kenneth Levy
Vice President Investor Relations
Iridium Communications
Iridium Communications
Quentin Weber
“I think the IR function has been a certain way for the last couple of years, and many companies have been using Excel and the old ways of working. Now, the dynamic is different, and everything is evolving quickly. I think for an IRO, especially one within a small team, Irwin is a very good companion to help you save time, be better organized, and leverage all the tools that are out there. Having that extra tool internally is necessary if you want to be efficient and work effectively. I think innovation should be a top priority with service providers, and I think Irwin is continuing to move in that direction.”
Quentin Weber
Senior Advisor of Investor Relations
WSP Global
WSP Global
Quentin Weber

The benefit of Irwin’s Capital Market Strategy Services

“There’s the added benefit of preparing presentations for the board, and without question, we’ve been able to come up with a better package of information for our board than they were receiving previously. I would say that Irwin’s Board Reporting service easily saves me a couple of days of my time each quarter”