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About 908 Devices 

908 Devices uses chemical and biochemical analysis technology that crosses industry boundaries. Their devices provide answers to critical-to-life questions in life science research, biopharmaceuticals, forensics, and more.

Meet 908’s Chief Financial Officer 

Joe Griffith is the CFO at 908 Devices. Joe supports the development of strategic business plans and financial metrics. He has a 17-year management background in corporate and operational finance, accounting, and administration. Most recently he served as Chief Financial Officer for PerkinElmer’s Life Science division. Previously, Joe served in numerous roles for Caliper Life Sciences including Chief Accounting Officer, VP of Finance, and Corporate Controller. Joe achieved a BS in Accounting from Villanova University and holds Certified Public Accountant status in Pennsylvania.

How Irwin Supported 908’s IPO 

In the fall of 2020, the company was preparing to go public and was looking for an IR tool to support them throughout the process. “At that time, we knew we needed a way to capture all of our activities with potential investors and banking relationships and knew that Excel wasn’t the right decision”. After considering many different providers on the market, 908’s executive team identified Irwin as the right fit solution for their needs. 

We started using Irwin as we were going live with our testing of the water meetings prior to filing our initial public offering, and it was fantastic.

"We took a bit of a chance on Irwin, which was great. We loved the flexibility, ease of use, and ability to track our conversations.

We used Irwin throughout the testing of the water meetings, during our roadshow itself, and I've used it ever since. Whether it's investor meetings, non-deal roadshows, or one-off meetings that pop up, it’s really helpful to capture the journey with each of our existing and potentially new investors.”

Using Irwin to Manage Roadshows 

Molly Levenberg is the Executive Assistant at 908 Devices and plays an integral role in helping Joe and the executive team to set up their meetings with investors. Molly uses Irwin throughout the start to finish of a roadshow, from planning meetings to event follow-up.

“I use it for the whole process. Creating the itinerary with all the meetings, all the attendees, and the times. I keep the meetings in order so when the executive team has their meetings, they can just open up Irwin and all the information is already in there, and then they can go in and capture their notes.

If they want to do any follow up after, I go into the email campaign section, and because I've already set up the roadshow as an event, and I’ve attached all of the meetings to that event, I’m able to just say ‘send to all’ from this event, and then it populates all the emails.”

How the Team Leverages Irwin’s IRM Functionality

Molly highlighted how the IRM feature has played a big part in her organizational efforts. 

“With the new rollout of the IRM and all the new advanced search and features, it's easy for me to just type in the name of a company or organization, and then it can populate with who we’ve talked to from that organization. 

It's easy for me to find people and I like that I can easily access their information”

Ability to Monitor Who Holds Their Stock & Their Peers

Joe outlined that besides using the IRM functionality, they also use Irwin for visibility of holdings.

It's great to be able to quickly look up and view the dashboard and see what a company might hold in our stock as of a certain date, based upon 13F and other filings, as well as holdings of peers within our space.

Responsive and Positive Customer Experience 

Joe explained how early on when they signed with Irwin, 908 Devices CEO pushed the tool and had a lot of questions for their Irwin account manager. Irwin’s response and adaptiveness after a product suggestion have been a very positive experience. 

The follow-up from several individuals on the team to say ‘okay, we're working on it or ‘hey, that might be a nice feature, can I jump on the phone to understand it a bit better?’ We have seen new features and functionality rollout from provided improvements over the last 18 months that we've benefited from. It’s been a positive experience.

A Message to IR Professionals Considering Irwin

I would say to absolutely look at it. It is flexible, it's all web-based. The ease of use and uptime has been great.

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