Better Understand Changes in Your Shareholder Base

The Most Comprehensive Shareholder Monitoring Solution Available


Need more regular insight into who your shareholders are?


Not sure who is buying and selling your stock?


Trying to get a better understanding of your retail and non-reporting shareholders?


Having difficulty understanding whether your shareholders are overweight or underweight your stock?

Reported Data

Access a global database of security ownership data to understand changes in your shareholder base.

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NOBO Lists

Irwin automatically pulls your NOBO lists and integrates the data into your account. Analyze changes in your NOBO shareholder base over time to build relationships, identify risks and opportunities and communicate with a more comprehensive group of shareholders.

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Get access to a dedicated surveillance analyst that will provide weekly updates on changes in your shareholder base. Irwin also automatically checks your shareholder's history of activism and notifies you of potential risks.

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Kenneth Levy
Through our NOBO data, we have uncovered shareholders who have considered selling a block of shares and have had our high-net-worth shareholder pick them up - allowing us to keep our share price balanced.