Finding The Right Investors For Your Company Is Like Finding A Needle In A Haystack

With Irwin, the investor targeting possibilities are endless


Struggling to identify the right investors for your business’ stage, strategy, and sector?


Searching for information on family offices, investment advisors and institutions?


Meeting with the same people over and over again?


Waiting for the right investors to find you?

Access a Global Database of Investors

Access a global database of institutional investors including what they invest in and their contact information.

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Fit Score Technology

Finding the right investors can be time consuming, hone in on the right ones by leveraging Irwin’s proprietary targeting algorithms.

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Peer Analysis

Understand who is investing in your peers and contact them to tell your story.

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Differentiated Data

In addition to global institutional investors, access our proprietary data which includes investment advisors, family offices and opaque investment managers.

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Quentin Weber

I use targeting right now to develop an IR strategy around ESG-focused funds.

There is a growing interest for ESG thematic funds and Irwin allows me to gather further data and identify funds who might be interested in our story, and ultimately find a way to organize a one-on-one meeting with them. An ESG-focused IR strategy is what we are deploying at WSP, and Irwin has given me the data and intel to build around that.
Quentin Weber