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S1E06 - IR on the Cutting Edge: Navigating Investor Relations in Emerging Industries

Leah Gibson is a life sciences investor relations leader with nearly two decades of experience in corporate and shareholder communications, and business strategy development. She has worked with small-, mid- and large-cap publicly traded biotechnology companies in North America, including a $60B large-cap U.S. biotech focused on creating transformative medicines for serious genetic diseases.

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How to Understand and Engage with the Modern Retail Investor

Discover what drives your retail investor base and learn how to communicate with the different styles of retail investor

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How Do You Achieve an Optimal Shareholder Base

During the webinar "Your Journey to and Through the Public Markets: Attract, Engage and Retain Investors," the irlabs, Odyssey Trust, and Irwin teams discuss how public companies can achieve an optimal shareholder base.

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