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About Snap One Holdings

Snap One empowers its vast network of professional integrators to deliver entertainment, connectivity, automation, and security solutions to residential and commercial end users worldwide. The company distributes an expansive portfolio of proprietary and third-party smart living products through an intuitive online portal and local branch network, and provides software, award-winning support, and digital workflow tools to its integrator partners to help them build thriving and profitable businesses. 

Meet Snap One’s Director of Finance

Matthew Mills is currently the Director of Finance at Snap One. His team is responsible for finance and corporate development efforts. After going public in July of 2021, Matthew and his team are now responsible for all investor relations activities. Snap One also uses an external Investor Relations firm that uses Irwin frequently for logging meetings and building itineraries. The tool has been used as a shared resource between the company’s in-house IR team and their external IR advisor. 

Finding a Solution Tailored to Snap One’s Needs 

Prior to using Irwin, Snap One didn’t have an investor relations platform in place and was using excel spreadsheets to track their investor interactions. 

“Before using Irwin, one of our biggest pain points was the ability to access information about investors. Now we can easily view information about investors, the firms, and the individuals. Through a very short number of clicks, we can efficiently educate our executive team on who we are meeting and we have good visibility into the history of our relationship with a potential or existing investor, including access to historical notes in the Irwin platform”

"We were previously tracking notes across different sources, so having it all consolidated into one place has been helpful.”

When looking for an investor relations platform, Snap One found other leading investor relations platforms on the market to be “too clunky and complex”. 

Upon discovering that Irwin was a more modern, fully-featured solution intended to support the most important investor relations workflows, the Snap One team felt that they would have more flexibility to track their relationships with existing and potential investors in a format that could be modified specifically for them.

Seamless Transition 

The Irwin Assistant team makes it easy when transitioning software systems or migrating existing data during onboarding with Irwin. Irwin’s extensive team of data specialists will import your existing CRM and investor data into the platform so you can get started easily.

“We leveraged the Irwin Assistant team and they did a great job of doing the heavy lifting there. They were very helpful in making the transition pretty seamless.”

Being Well-Prepared for Investor Meetings 

Snap One used Irwin to help prepare them for a roadshow they originally planned on conducting on the west coast, where a few of their larger shareholders are based. 

“While on the trip, we planned to target some other funds that we've talked to that are geographically in the same area. We can pretty quickly come into Irwin, filter people that we've interacted with in the past, filter down to their location, and establish a pretty good list of people to try and get in front of in person.

A lot of our interactions with investors come organically by way of investor conferences. At these conferences our meetings are typically set in advance. So in this case, we use Irwin more as an information tool to learn more about who we're meeting with before we sit down in front of them, or if we've met with them in the past we're able to quickly pull up notes and remind ourselves how previous conversations went.”

Improved Organization by Logging Investor Activities  

“Logging the activities has been helpful. The tags are probably the most helpful thing because we like to think of our relationship with prospective and existing investors in terms of a funnel. Based on our level of engagement with an existing or prospective investor, we’re able to categorize them using tags, which makes it helpful for organizing our IR activities. 

In terms of the platform, the ability to pull the background of the people we are meeting very quickly and log notes and not have to go through a number of different clicks and data inputs has been helpful. 

From a metrics and reporting standpoint, being able to quickly show the team how many meetings we've had over a certain time period, the amount of time spent that we've been dedicating to investor relations activity has also been very helpful.”

Time Saved Using Irwin  

“Irwin has certainly saved us time and made us more efficient as an investor relations team. It’s proven effective in terms of showing others in the organization the amount of work that we do on the IR front and quantifying the time that we dedicate to it. So from that perspective, it's been very helpful.”

Irwin’s Intuitive Platform and Helpful Customer Support 

“[My account manager] has been great. We have a biweekly call where he is able to answer pretty much any questions that we have. He's also accessible via email whenever anything comes up, but I think the beauty of Irwin is that it's super simple and intuitive and so our biweekly calls typically last 10 to 15 minutes, just because there are not really that many questions. By clicking a couple of buttons, it's pretty easy to understand what's going on.”

A Message for IROs Considering Irwin

“Irwin is a great platform and will make your team more efficient. You can get away from some of the more complex tools that are out there in the market where you're only using 5-10% of the capabilities of the platform - here you have all the capabilities that you need. It's a very simple, intuitive, easy platform to use.” 

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