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About Clermont Partners 

Clermont Partners is an IR consulting firm that helps companies improve their strategic investor relations programs by taking advantage of every communications opportunity that impacts equity valuation. Clermont Partners is a 100% woman-owned advisory firm specializing in investor relations, ESG communications and strategy, transaction communications, and shareholder activism. It provides counsel to C-level executives and Boards of Directors.

Meet Clermont Partners Managing Director

Steve Adams is a Managing Director, Chief of Staff with Clermont Partners, LLC, and is based in Washington. In his role, Steve leads client projects involving both ESG and traditional investor relations. Steve’s areas of expertise include conducting materiality assessments, building ESG disclosures, executing earnings calls, targeting investors, and implementing strategic ESG and investor relations programs.

Before his current role, Steve was a Director within Gartner Inc.’s corporate finance and investor relations practice. At Gartner, Steve spent more than five years overseeing all investor relations- and ESG-related research, sales, and client engagements. Steve also has experience in federal fiscal policy and Congressional affairs.

Increased Overall Efficiency in Day-To-Day Operations

Before using Irwin, Clermont partners had used several data providers on the market but hadn’t found one that provided the IR support they needed. When comparing their previous IR efforts to where they are now, Steve shared:

“Certainly there has been an improvement in capabilities, for instance, ESG targeting. Irwin has allowed us to do much of the same things that we were doing before, but much faster, and without as much of a headache as if we were using some of those other data platforms for this. Irwin also has a much more simplified and streamlined user interface, which goes a long way.” 

Using Irwin to Target ESG-Focused Investors 

One of the primary uses Clermont uses Irwin for, is pulling lists of target investors for their clients.

“With Irwin, we can pull target lists with both ESG and non-ESG investors. Recently, clients and prospects have been wanting help with ESG targeting, so that is where we will use Irwin, which has been very useful."

"That level of screening and filtering by ESG investors is not something we're finding on other data platforms. It’s a unique value proposition for Irwin.”

Discovering New Investors through Analyzing Peer Groups and Conducting Outreach Through Irwin

Clermont primarily uses Irwin to discover new investors for their clients and ultimately conduct outreach to them. Steve broke down how the Clermont team utilizes Irwin to do this daily: 

“Essentially, we'll identify a peer group, whether direct industry peers or proxy peers, and compare their holdings across that peer group. We identify funds that are invested in our client's company, could be or should be, or funds that are invested in them are underweight relative to the peer group. And so we'll conduct some analysis. 

We'll look at the makeup of those portfolios and understand if that aligns with our client's profile in terms of being growth or value-oriented, size of market cap, industry, geography, and essentially identify those characteristics that resemble our clients.  

We’re then using Irwin to identify contact information for those fund managers. We will complete all of that analysis and come up with a list of  75 - 100 individual firms and corresponding fund managers to take to our clients, explain the analysis we did, and explain how we reached the conclusion. Then ultimately, either ourselves or our clients do some outreach to those fund managers.”

Fantastic Customer Support

“The customer support has been fantastic. [My account manager] has been excellent about reaching out to us and keeping us informed on new improvements and changes in addition to the platform. There have been multiple instances when we have worked with our account manager and the Irwin team and said, ‘Hey, this is a capability that we would love to have, and we don't know if it's possible or not, but could you look into it?’ The team has been incredibly receptive and helpful and has built new capabilities just because we asked for them. It’s all you could ask for from a customer service standpoint.”

Significant Time Savings Using Irwin

Steve estimates that the data within Irwin has saved him approximately 60 hours quarterly by having the ability to pull targeted lists with contact information readily available. 

That’s ~240 hours saved annually! 

A Message to IROs Considering Irwin 

“If you do some version of targeting, investor outreach or searching for new clients and identifying funds and portfolio managers that you don't know today, and contacting them is all part of the work that you do, Irwin is an exceptional tool for that, and should probably be in your repertoire of data providers.”

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