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Marathon Digital Holdings
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About Marathon Digital Holdings 

Marathon is a digital asset technology company that mines cryptocurrencies with a focus on the blockchain ecosystem and the generation of digital assets. Marathon is one of the largest bitcoin miners in North America. 

Meet Marathon Digital Holdings Director of Corporate Communications

Charlie Schumacher is the Director of Corporate Communications at Marathon. Charlie is responsible for overseeing all communications activities, including investor relations, public relations, and corporate marketing events. 

Charlie brings to Marathon uniquely pertinent expertise in corporate storytelling, entrepreneurial and executive advisory, capital markets navigation, and Bitcoin. He has been studying and investing in Bitcoin, as well as advising crypto-related companies, since 2017. Prior to joining Marathon, Schumacher oversaw the crypto and blockchain practice at Gateway Investor Relations, a full-service investor relations and financial communications firm in Southern California, where he helped dozens of publicly traded companies develop and execute their strategies for effectively communicating with stakeholders and approaching the capital markets. Before his tenure at Gateway, he served as an independent consultant for emerging businesses after beginning his career as an actor and film producer in New York. Schumacher holds a Bachelor of Arts in economics from Boston University.

The importance of having reliable IR software:  

Marathon is a team of only ten people who rely heavily on outsourcing, so finding software solutions that support their needs is crucial. Investor communication is no different, as the company relies upon third-party sources to continually increase their  investor base. Initially, Marathon outsourced their IR to an agency that Charlie was a part of. When Marathon brought Charlie in-house he knew he needed an IR software to help support his role. Charlie had previously used other tools in the space but was introduced to the Irwin platform through former colleagues who had used it. After reviewing it, he knew it was exactly what he needed to support Marathon’s IR program. 

“It is massively more efficient for me to use this system than what I used to do.”

Irwin replaces the need for a full-time analyst

Charlie explains his experience using Irwin basically turned him from a “one-person shop to a multi-person shop”, without having to hire any employees.

 “I think if I didn't have Irwin, I'd have to have a full-time analyst doing the work Irwin has been able to do for me.” 

As he knows from previous experience as an analyst, he spent hours creating fund intels for clients after conferences, which equated to a week’s worth of work. “Now, it’s as easy as sending the customer support team an email and I can get something that is insightful, arguably better looking, with less room for error”. 

How Marathon leverages Irwin’s IRM 

“I do not understand why, pretty much any other agency is not using Irwin” 

Charlie found Irwin’s interface modern and intuitive compared to other platforms on the market. Marathon's primary use of the platform is data reporting and tracking interactions with investors. 

Through a combination of Irwin’s customer success team, and the reporting functionality, Irwin has become a valuable tool for Charlie when building presentations for their board of directors. The platform consolidates the right KPIs to report to the board. “It’s all done in a way that’s really nice and outsourced. The presentation stuff looks really good - who knows how long that stuff would have taken me to build on my own.” 

Charlie also uses Irwin to track the calls and meetings they have with investors. “It’s nice to have a record of whom we’ve spoken too. Before we go to conferences, getting background information on people is helpful - have I met with this person before? Are they a shareholder? How well do they know us?” Having one centralized platform to reference makes it easy to prepare for investor meetings. 

The Value of Irwin’s Customer Support Team 

Charlie noted that the biggest differentiator about our software is the support Irwin provides. He described his experience with the customer support team: 

“The support is the biggest value add. It's fantastic. It’s very responsive and has been immensely helpful.”

Final Thoughts

“I really liked the interface. It checked most of the boxes I needed. It gave me both an investor database and a CRM that worked well for my purposes. I was able to consolidate multiple different platforms into one using Irwin.” 

A Message for IROs Considering Irwin

“The user experience is great, but the support is the biggest value add. I’ve recommended it to people I used to work with already. I think anybody looking at it should absolutely give it a shot.”

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