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Company Overview

Docebo Inc. is redefining the way enterprises leverage technology to create and manage content, deliver training, and understand the business impact of their learning experiences. They provide a cloud-based learning management system to train internal and external workforces, partners, and customers. With Docebo’s multi-product learning suite, they strive to make knowledge and information a more impactful action not only for other organizations but making sure it is how the company goes about achieving its strategic growth, performance, and operating objectives.

Meet Docebo’s Vice President of Investor Relations

Mike McCarthy recently joined Docebo as their Vice President of Investor Relations as their primary point person on all matters dealing with engaging the investor community. This includes not only understanding the competitive landscape, technology, and capital structure issues, but increasingly ESG has become an overall important variable in the calculation as to how an industry decides whether to invest. 

Mike has over four decades of corporate, consulting, and leadership experience. He spent the last three years at the cloud services and solutions company, Avaya as Vice President of Investor Relations, overhauling the company’s global investor relations function. Before that, he was head of investor relations, industry analyst relations, and competitive intelligence at Mitel Networks for five years before the company was acquired by Searchlight Capital for $2 billion in November 2018. 

Choosing the Right Investor Relations Software

Before joining Docebo, Mike wasn’t a big fan of all the productivity software tools on the market. Stepping into his new role, he was leading the IR strategy as a member of the executive leadership team, and for this, he was hopeful there could be a resource with actionable outcomes.  Working with an IR firm to support his efforts, he wanted there to be an all-in-one centralized platform to keep everything organized and accessible. 

“Just the fact that [Irwin] ended up on my screen, has been a big change in my work style; I am finding a lot of value in the product.” 

Being Well-Prepared for Investor Meetings/Roadshows

As a one-person team, Mike leverages the sell-side’s ability to book meetings and roadshows through their corporate access teams. Although given today’s macro environment, he has found this increasingly more difficult and credits Irwin for being able to enhance his own efforts. 

 “Times are changing and we’re going to have to adapt in different ways.” 

When getting ready to go on the road, Mike will pull ownership data from Irwin to prepare himself for the meetings. Leveraging the data contained in both the people profiles and institutional profiles to produce a custom tear sheet he can bring with him to meetings. 

“If it's an organization I'm not familiar with, I can now go to Irwin and very conveniently pull that profile. In this scenario, seeing the people and the funds they manage is quite helpful. The more users, the more data points we have. We're all kind of using Irwin in a very communal way.”

Enhanced Standardization on Board Reporting

When it comes time to report to the board, Mike can easily access and export reports on recent investor activity, investor demographics, and peer activity through Irwin’s reporting capabilities. 

“It’s important to have the information that you know the board will want to query, readily available. Our IR consultant is also using Irwin, and got the board on a cadence where we can pull out a standardized package of reports from Irwin for them, whenever we need to.”

Exemplary Customer Support

Irwin strives to exceed expectations when it comes to support for our customers. We excel at proactively anticipating our customers' needs and prioritizing ways to make them more efficient. 

“The tool has been a net net positive to my ability to effectively engage the investor community, my internal customers and the executive leadership and board level. When you have a tool that gives you the ability to enhance your value add to those very important constituencies, you find more ways to use it. 
My Customer Support Manager has been a great lead on that journey. He has been absolutely wonderful and outstanding in the way that he's walked me through the process and responded to questions, inquiries and helped me to get information that I couldn't get to on my own. He has been the reason I'm the happy customer that I am.” 

A Message to IROs Considering Irwin 

Not every business decision is an easy one. By investing in Irwin, your company will be able to increase their overall efficiency in day-to-day operations and improve the productivity and performance of their investor relations strategies exponentially.

“As someone who was not a big fan of IR tools throughout my corporate career, Irwin  has helped open my eyes to ways that my perspective needed to be changed. It has helped me find a way to enhance my ability to contribute value to the leadership team and to the investor base.” 

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