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Titan International Inc.

Titan International Inc.
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How Irwin Helps Titan International Manage IR

Titan International Inc. is a leading manufacturer of off-road tires with a global distribution network and a market cap of over USD $500M. We spoke to Todd Shoot, Treasurer & Senior Vice President, Investor Relations at Titan International, Inc., to learn more about how he uses Irwin to research current and prospective shareholders.

Before using Irwin, Todd had access to data from a variety of sources, however because it was so decentralized it was a chore to use the data in meaningful ways. While they did have information about current shareholders, it did not live in a CRM and was accessible only through spreadsheets. This made performing research and outreach difficult because there was not a centralized database of investor data. Todd was also limited in his ability to conduct investor outreach without a tool like Irwin to target appropriate investors.

“Before Irwin we had data from a variety of tools, but we weren’t targeting specific information so I didn’t use them consistently. And then to manage meetings, contacts and those types of things I would typically just use Outlook and spreadsheets. I remember looking for a tool that would do a bit of everything, and having a built-in CRM was important.”

More Complete View of the Shareholder Base

Todd uses Irwin to combine reported ownership and NOBO data, allowing him to keep track of holdings from institutional, retail and other non reporting shareholders. This data is beneficial as it provides Todd with a more complete and broader view of his shareholder base. Not only can he better understand who is buying and selling more of his company’s stock, but he can also use that information to target new investors.

“One of our most used capabilities within Irwin is the ownership data. The ability to combine reported data with NOBO data has been extremely helpful and has provided us with a much better understanding of our shareholder base.”

Researching and Vetting New Investors

In addition to finding information about current shareholders, Todd can get much deeper insights into prospective shareholders. These insights are of high value when dealing with prospective investors because Todd can prepare for first calls and ensure that whoever he is meeting with is a good fit before engaging in conversations. Not only is Irwin’s global investor database useful for vetting inbound prospective investors, but it is also helpful for conducting outbound targeting to new investors. For example, Todd can see which investors hold positions in Titan International’s peers and conduct outreach campaigns to win their interest.  

“Whenever I get an inbound from somebody I’m able to quickly look them up and see if their particular firm is a good fit in terms of size and strategy before I have a discussion with them. I can see if they have a position in any of our peers, and I can pull it up quickly while I’m on the phone or preparing for a conference which is helpful.”

Simplified Conference Planning

Todd also uses Irwin to efficiently prepare for conferences. Before the conference, he inputs a list of people he will be meeting into Irwin and receives an itinerary with tear sheets for each of his desired contacts. This allows him to quickly get a detailed profile of his contacts and reduces the amount of time needed to prep for conferences. Afterwards it’s easy for him to input his notes into Irwin and conduct the appropriate follow-ups.

“When I attend conferences, I typically go into Irwin and pull up the profiles of who we’re going to be speaking to in advance. I’ll take notes on my printouts, and then typically after the conferences I’ll have a list of the ones I want to follow up with and I can input my notes into the tool.”

Final Thoughts

I use Irwin regularly to research investors and it saves me a lot of time. I don’t have to track people down individually or go through spreadsheets to see if they already have a position in our stock, it’s all in Irwin. 
I’ve recommended Irwin to colleagues in the past and will continue to do so as I am impressed with the tool. It makes my job easier, and the team is very proactive in developing new features and reaching out to ensure I’m getting what I need.

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