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LodeRock Advisors is an Investor Relations firm based in Toronto. LodeRock provides clients with custom tailored IR services including Investor targeting and outreach, corporate messaging, IR strategy development, and more.

Craig Armitage, co-founder of LodeRock Advisors has more than 20 years of experience advising and working with growth companies across multiple industries and has previously sat on the board of the Canadian Investor Relations Institute Ontario Chapter. LodeRock's goal as an investor relations firm is to helps companies go to market with a clear and differentiated message, find the right audience for their story, and implement high-quality ongoing communication plans.

Areas Of Focus

With a broad range of clients across different industries and market caps, LodeRock relies on a wide range of different IR tools so that they can tailor their work to each client accordingly. For some of their clients they were finding other IR software platforms too cumbersome.

Finding the Right IR Software

"We needed something that served the dual purpose of managing and engaging our contacts, and targeting new investors. Irwin ended up being the right fit for those purposes. It’s elegantly designed too, it streamlines everything we need."

Where they would once rely on several different databases, they can now use Irwin’s single repository of investors, saving both time and money.

Investor Targeting

"For a lot of our clients, there's a real focus on continuing to expand their institutional shareholder base. So having access to bigger pools of capital, alternative pools of capital brings a lot of value to our practice. Having access to a single repository of those audiences and a way to target them was important to us."

Benefits of Irwin

Improved Communication

LodeRock uses Irwin's investor relationship management features to keep track of the various conversations they are having between different players. In particular, they are able to keep track of conversations between the C-Suite and investors, making sure that all parties are on the same page. This helps to ensure that there are no information gaps, and that all queries can be appropriately addressed.

"It's a good way for everyone to have visibility on those investor conversations, because there is overlap. CFOs get calls directly, we get calls. And it's not always practical to say, “Hey, have you talked to this guy before?." With Irwin, we are more aligned and organized when it comes to our activities with specific investors."

Investor Targeting

Additionally, Craig and his team are able to dive deep into peer based targeting for clients. This allows them to help each client stay competitive within their niche, and help them attract and retain long term investors while leaning on strong sources of existing capital. Irwin even helps monitor retail positions for clients.

"We do a lot of targeting for our clients, inclusive of running peer reports and doing peer based targeting. It's a fair amount of looking at a client's existing holders and ownership, then breaking down some of the stats from the ownership to generate institutional investors. Irwin’s targeting goes beyond just generating lists of aggressive institutional investors; it allows us to reach a broader audience of Investment Advisors, which is important for our clients."

Increased Efficiency

With many clients and a large team, LodeRock Advisors needed an all-in-one centralized platform to keep everything organized and accessible. With Irwin’s all-in-one investor relations software, the LodeRock team is now able to manage their workload much more efficiently.

"We have evolving and growing needs for our clients and that means having one solution that's well designed and provides us with both CRM and investor targeting functionality - Irwin does that for us."

Final Thoughts

"It makes you better at your job and makes it so much easier to manage your activity with investors. I honestly don't understand how anybody can still be using a spreadsheet or something antiquated. Irwin is a focused offering for a critical part of Investor Relations."

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