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About Us

We are a leading technology provider for capital markets professionals. Leveraging our experience in both financial markets and enterprise software has allowed us to uniquely position our clients for success. We are building our company for the long-term and we are helping our clients do the same.

Our Story

Irwin was built on the thesis that the combination of evolving regulatory standards, industry conditions and technological innovation was forcing significant change in the way capital markets operate. Since then, that thesis has proven to be correct, leading to a growing need to do things differently. 

Since early 2017, we have been helping global public companies and their advisors successfully navigate these changes. Our innovative software and service allows our clients to build better relationships with investors and ultimately lower their cost of capital. By doing this, we are improving the transparency, accountability and productivity of capital markets.


Our Values are our core beliefs, guiding and unifying our actions and behaviors.

Customer First - We measure our success based on what our clients say about us when we're not looking.

Accountability - As owners of our company, we are all responsible for doing what's right for the company and it's stakeholders.

Passion - Building beautiful software that makes our client's lives easier is a passion of our team.

Big Thinking - Going against the grain can be difficult, but well worth it for big results.

Leadership Team

David Whyte

CEO & Co-Founder
David Whyte is the co-founder & CEO of Irwin, responsible for driving the company’s mission to seamlessly connect the world’s capital seekers and allocators to make them more productive, innovative and successful. Before founding Irwin David spent a decade working in capital markets, holding positions in investment banking and sales and trading for both global and boutique banks. David’s time on the Institutional Equity and Event-Driven Sales team at Credit Suisse gave him a first-hand view of the complex challenges facing public companies in an ever-evolving regulatory landscape. His domain expertise results in product ideas that rethink traditional ways of doing things, helping Irwin clients navigate an industry undergoing digital transformation.

Mark Fasken

COO & Co-Founder
Mark Fasken is the co-founder and COO of Irwin. Mark’s go-to-market mindset enables him to quickly put ideas into action, working to define Irwin’s product roadmap, form strategic partnerships, and manage interdepartmental teams. Seven years in sales and marketing at high-growth software companies enabled Mark to help build software solutions for modern capital markets professionals. Before Irwin Mark worked at Influitive leading a highly-skilled sales team that directly supported the company’s rapid revenue growth to $10M ARR+. As Pressly’s former VP Sales, Mark helped build the sales and marketing team leading up its acquisition by Vision Critical. Mark currently serves on the Service Provider Council for NIRI. 

Brad Robertson

Brad Robertson is the CTO of Irwin and is driven by an obsession with uncovering how systems work and creating efficiencies through process improvements. With a 12-year technical track record, he oversees Irwin’s engineering team, designing and building innovative software systems that optimize the business workflow for capital markets professionals. Before Irwin Brad was hired as employee number four at Influitive, the creator of the advocate marketing category. As Principal Engineer he built software infrastructure that directly helped spark the company’s rapid revenue growth from <$100K MRR to $10M ARR+

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