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Better Understand Changes in Your Shareholder Base

Irwin has the most accurate and comprehensive shareholder monitoring capabilities by combining unique data sets to give you the full picture. Monitor changes in your shareholder base, including institutional, retail, and activist positions.

Najim Mostamand
Director of Investor Relations @ KushCo
"Anyone can pull 13F's, but that doesn't give a full scope of what our shareholder base looks like. With Irwin, I have the functionality to manually track and report shareholder purchasing activity which allows me to more accurately report on KushCo's shareholder base"

Identify and Connect with High Quality Investors

Irwin makes it easy for users to search for Institutions, Funds & Retail Investment Advisors. With Irwin, you can connect with a global database of qualified investors.

Chris Camarra
VP of Investor Relations @ Spark Networks
"I did a pretty substantial amount of outreach around the end of the year. I reached out to hundreds of people, and was able to find several interested parties to have a more in depth conversation. We were able to land new institutional investors. It was something that ordinarily would not have been possible, making 500 phone calls. But within a week I had these great results."

Keep Track of All Your IR Activity in One Place

Irwin's intuitive design allows for seamless management of your company's contacts. Our CRM function is easy-to-use, and designed to help improve your communications with investors and stakeholders.

Chris Gordon
Business Development @ Integra Resources
"It’s important to have a CRM to manage shareholders and potential investors, Irwin provides all this in addition to helping us generate new leads- acting as a very powerful tool to help us scale our investor outreach program."

Access Research, Estimates, and Transcripts

Save time and gain a deeper understanding of what is being said about your company and your peers by accessing Factset’s Research, Estimates and Transcripts directly within Irwin.

It makes you better at your job and makes it so much easier to manage your activity with investors.

I honestly don't understand how anybody can still be using a spreadsheet or something antiquated. Other CRM providers are either too expensive or don’t provide the features that you need because they’re not focused on IR. Irwin is a focused offering for a critical part of Investor Relations.

Craig Armitage
Managing Director @ LodeRock Advisors