Views From the Buy-Side: COVID Edition

Get insight and recommendations from investors on how to communicate, engage, and win the attention of the buy-side during COVID-19 and beyond.

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"The value of a phone call has gone up dramatically, if a management team or issuer is trying to set up a meeting, there is a significantly higher likelihood for me to reply if it is a phone call vs. an email.  Emails are fairly impersonal and tend to get lost in the mailbox."

Gerard Ferguson
CEO at Jemekk Capital Management

“They need to be thoughtful, proactive, the good ones can tell you anything about the company as if they are a member of the management team. And too often, they sound that they are too distant and then it's hard to feel that I’m getting valuable info that I could’ve got off their website.”

Peter Mann
Co-Chief Executive Officer at Grayhawk Investment Strategies

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