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Irwin’s versatile suite of investor relations tools includes powerful investor targeting, the most comprehensive shareholder monitoring, an intuitive CRM (with built-in email and engagement tools), IR website intelligence, and an industry-leading integration with FactSet. Built with automation and reduced time-to-insight at its core and supported by capital markets experts, Irwin gives your company a better way to manage investor relations.

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  • Why innovative investor relations teams are switching to Irwin from legacy providers
  • The Irwin solution: investor targeting, shareholder monitoring, CRM & engagement tools, Irwin IQ, and an industry-leading integration with FactSet
  • How Irwin’s team of capital markets experts can provide bench strength to your IR team
  • Why Irwin customers need fewer tools to run their IR program
  • How Irwin is investing in furthering the investor relations profession
Did You Know?
Non-Irwin customers are 2X more likely to require 1-5 additional tools to run their IR program.

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Quentin Weber
"After years of frustration with the largest incumbent IR product, Irwin immediately won my firm's business with superior IRM data, and a high touch approach that allowed us to elevate what we were using  the IR platform for in the first place. Irwin has been very helpful in guiding where to spend our time, and very good at providing contact information for who exactly we need to talk to. We now get more done, with better conversion, than we did before. We spend far less time on introduction efforts, and far more time on helping investors get comfortable with our story, investment proposition, and ultimately their ownership in our business.”
Jamie Heard
Manager, Capital Markets