Google API Services Privacy Policy

Google API Services Disclosure

The Platform Group uses Google’s Application Programming Interface (API) Services to enable the Irwin platform to connect to a Google Workspace account.  An Irwin user may authorize the Irwin platform to send and receive email, read and create calendar events, and read contacts from a connected Google Workspace Account.  These capabilities are user-facing and are explicitly opt-in, requiring authorization by each Google Workspace account owner.  The Platform Group connection to a Google Workspace account may be revoked at any time by the Google Account owner, from the Google Account Security settings.

Within the Irwin platform, the features known as Irwin Mail, Irwin Calendar Assistant and Irwin Scheduler use Google APIs to enhance the Irwin platform.  Enhancements include the automatic creation of Irwin IRM Activities based on email and calendar data, and allowing email to be sent from within the Irwin platform via a connected Google Workspace Account.

The Platform Group’s use of data received from Google APIs adheres to the Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

Types of Data Collected with Google API Services

We collect and send relevant Google authentication information, Google Gmail data, Google Calendar data, as well as read Google People information.  The information collected and used with these API services may include confidential data and personal data, in the form of email messages, calendar activities, and address book contacts.

“Confidential data'' means data that may contain sensitive and/or non-public information that should only be accessible to authorized personnel. For example, private discussions in email, or other sensitive information that should not be made public.

"Personal data" means data allowing someone to identify or contact you. For example, your name, address, telephone number, email address, as well as any other non-public information about you that is associated with or linked to any of the foregoing data.

The Platform Group does not store Google Workspace user credentials, access is managed through an OAuth token.

Use of Google API Services Data

The above described types of Google API Services data are used by the Irwin Mail, Irwin Calendar and Irwin Scheduler.  These are optional features which are part of the core platform. Your data within the irwin platform remains private and is visible to you within the Irwin platform.

The Irwin platform will store copies of email messages, calendar events and contacts which are relevant to your use of Irwin.  For example, if an IRM Activity is created as a result of an email message either sent from or received by the Irwin platform, a copy of that email message, and any follow-up emails in the conversation, will be attached to the IRM Activity for your convenient use within the Irwin platform.

Your information and data is not used outside the Irwin platform, or by other users of the Irwin platform.

The Platform Group policies and procedures define requirements that prohibit the unauthorized use of data within the platform or by employees of The Platform Group.

Data Security

The Platform Group has established policies and procedures to safeguard your sensitive information. These include the implementation and use of security software, security processes, and a team of security professionals to manage and monitor the security of The Platform Group’s network and applications. The Platform Group is industry-standard  SOC 2 Type 2 certified, please consult our report for further details.

Data Privacy

The Platform Group places significant importance on maintaining the security and privacy of your data. Reference our Privacy Policy for information on our privacy policies regarding the use of the Irwin platform and services.

More Information

For additional information about our privacy and security efforts, please refer to our User Agreements.