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At Irwin, we understand that proactively targeting new shareholders is an important part of building a long-term, stable shareholder base, so one of our main focus areas is making our clients’ targeting workflow as efficient as possible. 

That’s why we’re excited to launch an improved Targeting workflow — our next step toward enhancing how investor relations professionals find and connect with right-fit investors. With this release, our goal is to reduce time spent on ongoing targeting efforts and ensure this strategic exercise doesn’t “slip through the cracks.”

“Targeted” Improvements

After speaking with investor relations professionals about their current targeting efforts, we identified priorities that would enhance current investor targeting workflows. Our main focus areas included:

  • Increasing frequency while reducing time spent: Targeting searches should be done regularly, but we heard from clients that re-entering all the necessary criteria to repeat searches was often time-consuming. 
  • Driving collaboration between IR teams: Colleagues often run their own complex searches, but their approach to finding the most promising investors needed to be more transparent to avoid duplicating efforts. 
  • Maximizing efficiency: Targeting searches are an iterative process, with searches being modified and repeated several times before there are results of interest. 

With improved targeting workflows in Irwin, we are reducing search query repetition and enhancing collaboration with colleagues and advisors who also use Irwin to target new investors. We’re also introducing Saved Searches, which allow you to save sets of your favorite search criteria for reusing later with a single click. Saved Searches are shared with all active users under one client account, so IR teams are not building targeting strategies in a silo.

Lastly, we’re unveiling a refreshed interface that aligns our targeting tools with the IRM’s existing design. With a new layout combining a Filter Panel and Results Table onto one single page, you can now modify and rerun searches more rapidly without going back and forth between pages.

What’s Next

Irwin’s new investor targeting experience is only the beginning. In the coming months, we’ll roll out more improvements that build on this foundation to save investor relations officers more time when searching for the right investors. Stay tuned!

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