5 Ways To Maximize Earnings Outcomes Using Irwin

5 Ways To Maximize Earnings Outcomes Using Irwin
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To construct the messaging of earnings calls, companies entrust IROs with preparing a clear and concise explanation that effectively articulates company performance during a specific period. These calls can impact shareholders, the company’s stock price, the sector, and potentially even move the market. Offering insight into a company’s performance regularly is key to tracking progress within a business and measuring the effectiveness of a management team’s decision-making. Access to concise and accurate data will allow you to present this performance in an insightful format and help your messaging standout. 

This article outlines five tools you can use within Irwin to help you prepare, execute and succeed on your next earnings call.

Preparation Is Key - Leverage Intelligent Data To Maximize The Impact of Your Call 

Being transparent and consistent in the story you are telling investors will require you to have precise and accurate data. Knowing where to find this data and how to incorporate it into your call will impress your audience and allow them to track your progress more efficiently. 

1. Research & Estimates:

If analysts cover you, you can aggregate research materials from your coverage group to highlight insight and sentiment to help you prepare for your next earnings call. Irwin’s R&E portal allows users to search for specific keywords or phrases and access relevant reports from each query. Utilizing the keyword search function will help IROs prepare management on relevant topics and potential questions that are likely to come up on the call. 

2. Transcripts:

Irwin allows you to analyze transcripts from past earnings calls to review key questions and discussed trends. This feature helps prepare for earnings calls as it will enable you to track what was said on past calls and align your current narrative around that to ensure consistency. It also enables you to assess whether it remains the same or changes over time and permits you to tailor it to ensure investors are updated on any changes. You can also review peer transcripts to cross-reference any questions or concerns that may be relevant in the overall sector and pertinent to address on your call. Getting ahead of forward-thinking strategies allows you to enhance your particular story, stand out and excel amongst your peers. 

3. Reporting:

Having comprehensive data to prove your points and compel your investor audience will set your company apart. Within our reporting function and in only a few clicks, you can create and download charts to compare price and volume, your top holders vs. peers, stock performance data and much more. Providing management with relevant charts for them to choose from will allow them to present the data to stakeholders easily to visualize and understand. 

4. Broker Trading Summary:

Understanding which brokers are executing buy and sell orders of your security is useful for earnings calls. Analyzing broker trading summaries within Irwin will help you gain insight into earnings forecast optimism as it often correlates with higher brokerage volumes. If certain brokers have lower trading volumes than usual, this could indicate negative sentiment around your upcoming earnings or post-earnings call. Aggregating this information before, during and after earnings calls will allow you to track trends among your brokers and develop more transparent relationships with them. 

Stay Proactive - Record Important Information and Interactions. 

The call is over; now what? Let Irwin’s Investor Relationship Management (IRM) function do the work for you. 

5. IRM Function:  

Irwin's IRM is designed to help relieve users of the stress of organizing and maintaining their IR-related contacts and activities. It allows you to record your efforts and help maintain connectivity with your current shareholders. These are the ways you can use the IRM to stay organized after your earnings call:

Logging the call

Log your earnings call as an activity or event and track the attendees, the topics discussed and the questions you were asked to reference back to. If your call was short, some shareholders might have additional questions afterwards. Don’t forget to give some personal attention to analysts and major shareholders, and indicate who may require a follow-up call. 

Assign tasks

Assign tasks to attendees for whom you feel a follow-up is required—doing so right after the call allows you to remain organized and creates a reference point when the time comes. 

Calendar integration

Earnings period is a busy time for all involved. If you don’t have time to add an important activity from your company’s calendar into Irwin, allow Irwin Assistant to do it for you. With our new calendar integration, you will be able to automatically upload the earnings call from your preferred calendar, right into Irwin. 

Bonus Tips

Our people are at the core of what we do! In addition to our platform we also provide all of our customers with a personal account manager who has experience in capital markets. This allows us to provide personalized customer success to help you prepare for your next earnings call. Our suite of solutions is designed to aid you in your understanding of both research and consensus estimates via our R&E integration with FactSet and we offer Board Reporting under our Capital Markets Strategy Services. To find out more about these two offerings, please click here.

Final Thoughts

At Irwin, we believe that leveraging your data in a few simple steps can significantly improve investor communication. Being able to convey your company’s story can instill confidence in existing and even potential new shareholders. With careful preparation and insightful data, you can be confident in the outcome of your earnings calls.

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