Irwin Welcomes New CTO and Celebrates Internal Growth in Executive Team
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We’re excited to announce significant changes within our Executive Leadership Team (ELT), setting the stage for Irwin’s next growth chapter. 

Welcoming Amit Kaura as Our New Chief Technology Officer

We welcome Amit Kaura as our new Chief Technology Officer (CTO). With an impressive 19-year journey in global enterprise IT strategy and execution, Amit brings experience from various industries and geographies. His people-oriented leadership and successful track record in leading major product development initiatives position him perfectly to help lead Irwin into our next growth phase.

Amit's approach to leadership is uniquely adaptable, balancing active involvement with empowering team members to excel. His ability to articulate technical strategies in line with business objectives, coupled with his expertise in stakeholder management and transformational initiatives, make him an invaluable addition to our team.

Brad Robertson's New Role as Chief Architect

In tandem with welcoming Amit, Brad Robertson will move laterally to take on the role of Chief Architect. Brad has been a cornerstone of Irwin’s leadership team since 2018, building our software and team to where they are today. In his new position, Brad will delve deeper into the technical aspects of our platform, ensuring our technology not only meets but exceeds industry standards.

This shift allows Brad to focus on what he does best—thinking deeply about our technology. His expertise and experience will continue to be a driving force in Irwin's journey towards innovation and excellence.

Jenny Holland Promoted to VP of Customer Success

Jenny Holland has been promoted from Director to Vice President of Customer Success and will join our Executive Leadership Team. Jenny, who started with Irwin over 3.5 years ago as an Account Manager, has been instrumental in reorganizing and leading the Customer Success team. Her dedication and hard work have significantly made Irwin what it is today.

In her new role, Jenny will have an even greater impact on our business operations and customer interactions. Her promotion to the ELT is a testament to her exceptional leadership and commitment to our clients.

Looking Ahead

These executive changes reflect Irwin's commitment to innovation and leadership development. We are confident that with these new roles and responsibilities, our team is better positioned than ever to drive growth and continue delivering exceptional value to our clients.

Join us in welcoming Amit and congratulating Brad and Jenny on their new roles. 

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