Irwin Recognized as a Best Workplace for Professional Development by Great Place to Work Canada

Irwin Recognized as a Best Workplace for Professional Development by Great Place to Work Canada
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We’re pleased to announce that Irwin has been recognized by Great Place to Work as one of the Best Workplaces for Professional Development in Canada. The tech sector has faced uncertainty over the past year, but we’re proud to say that not only have we been able to grow our team, we’ve also been able to focus on developing our internal talent.

Although we are a high-growth company, we have never had a growth at all costs mentality. We approach hiring as a sustainable practice. This allows us to invest in our team’s professional development and has paid dividends for us as a business, and we believe that it’s part of what makes Irwin an exceptional workplace. 

We want to take this opportunity to highlight some of the professional growth our employees achieved this year:

Sr. Developer > Engineering Manager

Since I joined Irwin, I have been encouraged to speak up with my ideas and take on tasks that speak to my strengths. Leadership roles come naturally to me, so I was able to integrate that kind of mindset into my work and accomplish some really great things along the way. One of the best parts is that I also get to pay it forward and act as a mentor to others on my team.

Lizz Armstrong, Engineering Manager

Business Development Representative > Account Executive

Being a part of such an exciting and rapidly growing team provides a lot of opportunities for growth as the business continues to expand. I’ve felt incredibly supported across leadership in my move from a BDR to an AE, and am truly motivated by the countless opportunities to learn about the business and continue developing my career at Irwin!

Rehaab Rifdi

Senior Analyst >Team Lead

I recently joined the role of a team lead, it’s already rewarding and I still feel like I have room to grow. I’m grateful for leaders like Faisal and Dave for helping me polish my mentorship skills and demonstrating how to lead with empathy and grace. I’m also proud of my own team - they are rock stars and we learn so much from each other everyday! I look forward to continuing to take on new challenges at Irwin.

Sana Bashir, Team Lead

Project Manager >Director of Product Management

I got the opportunity to become a part of Irwin 2 years ago and experience the amazing culture that provides the foundation for professional and personal growth. I have experienced professional growth for myself within the company because of the autonomy, support and guidance provided by the leadership team. At Irwin, I haven’t experienced a single dull day because I am surrounded by a team that is competitive, goal-oriented and filled with a positive attitude.

Faisal Hassan, Director of Product Management

Business Development Representative > Customer Success Associate

The team at Irwin has been supportive in helping me to explore new areas of interest in the business and constantly provides opportunities to develop new skills. The company has developed a unique culture that celebrates taking chances and trying new things.

Sibin Moolasseril

Final Thoughts

If you have been impacted by recent layoffs in the tech sector, we want to hear from you. We’re consistently looking for new talent across multiple departments including engineering, product, sales, and customer success.

We're Hiring!

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