Irwin Launches New Website Intelligence Tool for Investor Relations, Irwin IQ
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Irwin IQ adds a deeper layer of intelligence to investor data by identifying prospective buyers, activists, and peers. 

TORONTO, Nov. 30, 2022 – Today, Irwin, a leading technology provider for capital markets professionals, announced its new solution Irwin IQ, the latest addition to its suite of investor relations tools. Irwin IQ provides website intelligence for better investor relations by allowing clients to view which investors and peer companies are visiting their IR websites and what content they’re interacting with. This new innovation gives IR professionals better insight to make more informed decisions about strategy, investor outreach and engagement, and potential activism.

In addition, Irwin IQ shows clients whose shareholders, potential investors, competitors, peers and partners visit their IR website. Examples of insights include which web pages visitors browse, how long they spend on each page, and how many unique individuals from an organization are visiting. The solution integrates data from the client’s IR website with Irwin’s comprehensive database, which provides all relevant information, including the company name of an organization or security, industry, market cap, geography, and peer holdings. 

“Irwin IQ takes the guesswork out of evaluating investor relations data. Without it, you’re missing critical insight to act on,” said David Whyte, CEO, Irwin. “Irwin already gives you the most comprehensive data on prospective and current investors in your business. Now, you can supplement that with activity data from your IR website, using Irwin IQ to uncover investor profiles, shareholder data, and activist campaign history, giving you a full picture of who’s reviewing your content and taking notice in your company.”

The level of insight that Irwin IQ provides allows users to investigate any action-critical activity data while better understanding their IR program’s impact and marketing spending. IR teams can also use the solution to identify investor opportunities or threats—uncovering activist interest and integrating with Irwin's investor activist campaign history on people and organizations.

“From a targeting perspective, seeing who’s looking at our website is valuable,” said Lindsay Bahadir, investor relations and corporate communications manager, Silvercrest Metals, and an Irwin IQ user. “It’s a really good way to see how we’re engaging our audience – not only our shareholders but prospective investors as well. Based on other services that offer something comparable, Irwin IQ seems to be a step ahead.”

Irwin IQ is compatible with any investor relations website, so switching hosting providers is unnecessary. 


Irwin IQ is available now for existing Irwin clients. For a demo or a free seven-day trial of Irwin, visit this link.

About Irwin

Build, innovate, and grow your business with Irwin, the only investor relations platform designed with automation and reduced time-to-insight at its core. Irwin unlocks and enhances investor and shareholder relationships for your business—for various use cases, market caps, and industries—whether you have an established IR program or are just getting started.

At Irwin, we're building a better way to manage investor relations. Legacy tools and companies in capital markets often grow stagnant, and the capacity to innovate wanes over time. This has left the majority of IR teams with two to five inefficient tools to manage their program and workflows—over time, we hope to reduce that to one. Our full-service tool suite includes powerful investor targeting, comprehensive shareholder monitoring, an intuitive CRM (with built-in email and engagement tools), and timely research, estimates, and transcripts.

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