Introducing the Irwin Calendar Integration: One-step Meeting Tracking
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Irwin is on a mission to help IR & capital markets professionals save time in their daily activities, which is why we are excited to unveil our new Calendar Integration feature, available today to all Irwin customers. With the new Irwin Calendar Assistant, you can easily log activities directly from your Google or Outlook calendar into the Irwin platform. 

This has been a highly requested integration from the investor relations community, and we're happy to announce it's here! We know Irwin is the central hub for all your investor relations activity, including every interaction you have with prospective investors and shareholders. Having a strong integration with your Outlook or Google calendar is critical. 

With this integration, you can create the meeting in your work calendar and invite the Irwin Calendar Assistant to the meeting. All the data, including invitees, date, time, location, and title, will be pushed into your Irwin IRM. Any changes to the event will be updated in the Irwin record, helping you to cut down on manual data entry between your calendar and activity records.

Let's take a look at some of the key features of Irwin Calendar Integration:

Key Features:

  • Log meetings and events as activities in Irwin directly from your Outlook or Gmail calendar. 
  • Any edits made to the location, date, time, title, or attendees will be reflected in the Irwin record.
  • Have updates in your calendar automatically reflected in your Irwin records.
  • View and filter for your investor meeting schedule within Irwin’s Calendar view
  • Save time from manually updating your IRM.

We hope you're as excited about this update as we are! Irwin Calendar Assistant is designed to save you time and effort so you can focus on better engaging with your current & prospective investors. 

Irwin Calendar Assistant is available to all Irwin users and can be enabled in user settings. 

How to get started

Join hundreds of companies worldwide that use Irwin to power their investor relations strategy. With our global database of over two million investors, powerful investor targeting capabilities, the most comprehensive shareholder monitoring available, our modern and easy-to-use suite of IR tools, and our commitment to service excellence, we're building a better way to manage investor relations.

See it in action!

Get a customized demonstration of Irwin's Calendar Assistant.

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