Introducing: Research, Estimates, and Transcripts
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After months of planning and preparation, we are pleased to announce the launch of Research, Estimates, and Transcripts into Irwin. As part of our commitment to being your one-stop-shop for IR solutions, Research, Estimates, and Transcripts has been a pivotal part of our goal. With this integration, we now offer a global database of Research and Estimates, providing our clients with more powerful insights into their relationships with the investment community.

Key features: 


This integration will allow customers to access research reports and uncover what analysts say about their company and peers. Customers will gain access to industry analysis from over 1,300 contributors across the globe, including investment banks, market research firms, rating agencies, and independent research providers. You can search, browse, and download reports directly from Irwin, saving you valuable time and effort.


Customers can access forecasts to understand how analysts predict your company and your peers will perform. Data includes over 20 years of financial projections and estimates covering over 19,000 active companies across 90 countries in all sectors and industries. Estimates data will be available at both the broker and the consensus level, and can be accessed and downloaded directly from Irwin. 


Easily search information from over 1.7 million key corporate events, including earnings calls and releases, analyst, investor and shareholder meetings, and special events like M&A activity. Customers can listen to recordings, read verbatim transcripts, or skim through key point summaries to find the information they need. 

Benefits of Research, Estimates, and Transcripts in Irwin

The benefits of this integration for our customers is manifold:

  • Having easy access to research and estimates strengthens your understanding of how your company is perceived by the investment community
  • Analyzing peer research and transcripts are a great way to prepare for your next AGM or earnings call. 
  • Understanding what the investment community is saying about you, your sector, and your peers provides you with the insight you need to shape your company story.
  • Combining all of this information into Irwin provides you with a single place to access all of the data you need to run your investor relations program. 

We hope you’re as excited about this update as we are! With research, estimates, and transcripts now accessible in Irwin, we can offer an even higher level of service and functionality. This product release is a significant milestone as it brings us one step closer to becoming the most comprehensive one-stop IR software solution on the market.

To get started with Research and Estimates, you can email your Account Manager or click here to request a demo of Irwin.

Research, Estimates, and Transcripts

Get Irwin's all in one investor relations solution, including research, estimates, and transcripts!

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