How and Why to Request Entitlements for your Research and Estimates
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Research, estimates, and transcripts are valuable tools in any IRO’s arsenal. 

To get the most comprehensive intelligence on how The Street perceives your company, you need a robust view of your research and estimates. While research providers like Factset, (available through Irwin) offer a comprehensive view of analyst reports regarding your company, getting access to this data requires the necessary entitlements from the research contributor. 

Irwin’s Factset integration makes it easy to access a global database of research reports without ever having to leave Irwin. To make accessing research and estimates data easy, we have embedded Factset’s research, estimates & transcripts data directly into Irwin. 

Why You May Need To Request Entitlements

Many financial data platforms provide users with limited research access upon first login and require that users go through an entitlements process to gain access to a broader range of reports. Many research contributors are careful when it comes to who they share their research with, and tend to restrict access until the user is approved by them.

Requesting entitlements allows you to get or negotiate access to research reports that were previously unavailable. Sometimes you will receive access to the report by virtue of representing the issuer, other times requesting entitlements is simply the first step in building a relationship with the analyst or their firm. Another way to improve your odds of getting entitlements is to discuss it with your contacts at the bank.

Why It Is Beneficial To Request Entitlements

As with most things, the more data you have at your disposal the better inferences you can make. It is beneficial to request entitlements for missing research and estimates to get a complete understanding into how your company is represented in capital markets. This information helps you understand your valuation and how The Street is interpreting your company. All this information helps you craft and refine your story so you can ensure that your valuation is fairly representing your company.  

Additionally, research and estimates reports that cover your peers are valuable tools for competitive analysis. It is helpful to understand how the street views your peers as it can help you frame your story in a more appealing way. It can also help you understand if there are trends across your industry and if your valuations are in line with your peers.

Final Thoughts

Requesting entitlements and ensuring you have a robust level of access to research can be time consuming. Prioritizing the entitlements you want and leveraging relationships to get access to the data you need will improve your chances of success.  Thanks to Irwin’s Factset integration it is easier than ever to request entitlements without having to leave your IR platform. 

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