Boldly Forward: Introducing Our New Brand
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From the outset, our mission has been to make the capital markets more transparent and efficient. It's a bold mission. One we work toward every day with focus and collaboration from our team and the community we serve. 

And focus has never been more vital—both for us and our clients.

As the role of IRO has continued to evolve (read: grow in complexity and scope), the pace has quickened, technology has lagged, and IROs have become mired in administrative work. That’s why our focus is on building solutions that empower IR professionals to be more productive. 

At Irwin, everything we do is designed to eliminate distraction. It’s why our platform is built with the user in mind, so it’s intuitive and friendly. It’s why we eliminate the need for multiple tools. It’s why IR is our singular focus. 

We’re not just another solution but a true partner dedicated to uplifting and innovating the industry. 

These values have always been at the heart of Irwin, and now, through a refined brand identity, we’re emphasizing them more than ever.

As the industry evolves, so do we

One of our core values is constant innovation, driving us to adapt and improve continuously. To better reflect our growth, mission, and unique position in the industry, it's time for our brand to evolve. 

Since we last updated our brand nearly three years ago, we’ve released over one hundred features and product enhancements. Some big, some small—but all impactful. We’ve grown our community significantly and formed strategic partnerships, most notably with FactSet, propelling us forward, faster. 

Just as our product adapts to meet our clients' needs, our brand must also reflect our growth and ambition. As a sophisticated company, we’re embracing a mature brand image that positions us for the next phase of our journey.

Defining our unique edge

This process started with focus—narrowing in on who we are at the core and letting our brand attributes guide every decision in our new identity work.

  • Audacious: Boldly challenging the status quo and industry monoliths.
  • Focused: Building solutions specifically for the IR market, catalyzing change.
  • Collaborative: Centered on collective feedback, working together for a common cause.

The end result 

Our refined brand retains core elements that Irwin is known for (hello, Irwin blue)—now presented in an elevated way with purpose, clearly articulating what makes us stand out: our precision data and technology, our focus on people and partnership, and a deep dedication to the IR profession.

  • Logo: Our new logotype-only logo represents our confidence and strength and embodies the boldness of our mission.
  • Color Palette: Expert and approachable, our expanded color palette evokes maturity and trustworthiness and adds energy and depth to our identity. 
  • Typography: Klarheit, our chosen typeface, speaks to our focus and meticulous attention to detail.
  • Visual Language: Using X- and Y-axis lines, focus lines, and candlesticks, we bring meaning to data, highlighting the connections between people and technology.
  • Verbal Identity: Our voice is clear, confident, and collaborative. And we don’t shy away from using it.
The power of community 

With collaboration at the heart of who we are, we’re excited to introduce the Irwin Community—a centralized forum for clients to exchange insights, share experiences, and offer support. 

IR teams are often small, sometimes working as a team of one, making peer support crucial. By bringing together professionals across the industry, we create a space where collective feedback and shared knowledge will drive innovation and improvement. 

What’s next?

We know there’s never been a more meaningful time to work in investor relations, and we’re proud to support this work. Today’s brand announcement is more than just a new look. It’s a renewed promise to support you with the boldness, focus, and collaboration that defines Irwin. 

Thank you for being part of our journey.

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