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High Touch IR

Strategic, Transformative Investor Relations

At High Touch Investor Relations (HTIR), we act as your guide in achieving your company’s fair value. Through our proprietary 5-Step Transformative IR Plan™ we assist companies who are unknown or misunderstood in the capital markets to realize their full value.  Through this process, our clients have, on average, tripled their valuation in the 18-24 months following engagement with us.

We specialize in enabling companies to achieve fair value in the capital markets and raise new capital through our proven transformative strategies that optimize valuation and corporate reputation.


Our team ensures our clients get the most accurate, complete and actionable strategies backed up by real-time analytics to reach their goals – whether seeking IR services to raise capital or in need of marketing and IR strategies to increase a public company’s visibility.


With over 20 years of experience, HTIR can offer the knowledge, skills as well as high level of credibility on the Street with significant long-term relationships with investors, analysts and banks to assist companies to position their company and investor story to maximize enterprise value.


Laura Kiernan

CEO and Founder, Laura Kiernan brings more than two decades of experience as an Investor Relations expert. She was named #2 Best Overall IRO and #3 Best Overall IRO for Mid‐Cap Technology Media & Telecom (TMT) All American Management Team in 2019 and 2020 respectively by Institutional Investor as voted by the global buyside and sellside.

What Their Clients Have to Say

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"Laura is the consummate IR professional. She is knowledgeable about the strategy, operations and performance of her business. And, she is passionate about delivering the highest level of responsiveness to her analyst/ investor clients."

Michael Weitz

SVP, World Wrestling Entertainment
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"Laura has a strong financial background and knowledge of compliance regulations that she combines very successfully in building and maintaining positive relationships with the investor community. Laura is a wonderful colleague with admirable integrity and values."

Robert Scott

CFO at Harry Winston Inc.
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"Laura has an incredible work ethic. She worked tirelessly to understand and translate highly technical information for a broad audience, ranging from financial sophisticates to some who were not financially sophisticated. She is careful, diligent and ensures that her work product is accurate. She thinks out of the box to bring new ideas on how to best communicate complicated information."

Chandy Smith

Senior Technical Advisor, FAF and FASB
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"Laura is analytical, efficient and responsive. She is also a solid strategic thinker that knows how to communicate investment positives in a professional manner. She has experience working with complex mulit-faceted businesses and I am confident that this will serve her well in the long-term. Finally, she is a great brand ambassador and it is a pleasure to work with her."

Oliver Chen, CFA

Managing Director, Retail & Luxury Sector Head at Cowen and Company

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