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Corporate Storytime

Corporate Storytime is a Western Australian based Investor Relations business founded by Lucas Robinson and Nicola Gosatti in 2020. After a 23-year career as a stockbroker - predominantly with Euroz Securities Ltd – Lucas recognized a need in the ASX IR market for a company advocate who can passionately tell corporate stories to shareholders, brokers, fund managers and the broader investing public.


Positioning between the traditional journalism skilled IR/PR houses and Corporate Advisory firms, Corporate Storytime has a unique value proposition offering the following Core Services:


Being based in Perth, Western Australia, Corporate Storytime is well positioned to service the large number of ASX listed companies with operations or corporate offices in our region. However, our broad network of investment contacts and the digitalization of much of our work gives us the reach to service ASX listed companies wherever they may be headquartered.


Lucas Robinson

Managing Director

Lucas, formerly an Executive Director of Euroz Securities Ltd (a subsidiary of WA’s largest independent stockbroking and financial services business, Euroz Hartleys) has been passionately telling company stories to share investors for over 20 years. He now wants to help good companies tell their stories to those who need to hear it.


Stephen Moloney

Executive Manager

Stephen has over 25 years experience in researching and advising public companies.  Formerly a Division Director of Macquarie Bank and Head of Macquarie Private Wealth in Western Australia.  As a member of the Corporate Storytime team, he is passionate about using his experience and knowledge to support companies in communicating their story effectively to investors.


Nicola Gosatti

Administration Manager

Nicola has extensive experience in Administration management in the government sector. With an expert eye for detail, Nicola will ensure that Corporate Storytime brings your unique stories to life for your prospective investors.

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