A better way to manage investor relations.

Irwin enables leading organizations to manage their investor relations programs with a modern, easy-to-use, integrated product, differentiated and comprehensive investor and shareholder data, a commitment to service excellence, and a powerful and versatile suite of investor relations tools.


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The most comprehensive view of your shareholder base.

Irwin's shareholder monitoring solution provides a complete view of your shareholder base for IR teams to gauge risk and opportunity, execute more efficient and cheaper financings, stabilize your share price, and manage relationships with your investor base.

Jamie Heard
Jamie Heard
Manager Capital Markets @ Tourmaline Oil Corp
“Generating reports at the end of quarter (ie. who is moving money and where)—that used to be a two to three-day exercise with Ipreo, and now I can get that done in a day with Irwin. It is for sure a time saver.”

A better way to target new investors.

Irwin's targeting solution provides industry-leading investor discovery for IR teams to access untapped global networks of capital.

Steve Adams
Steve Adams
Managing Director, Chief of Staff, Clermont Partners LLC
“With Irwin, we can pull target lists with both ESG and non-ESG investors. Recently, clients and prospects have been wanting help with ESG targeting, so that is where we will use Irwin, which has been very useful. That level of screening and filtering by ESG investors is not something we're finding on other data platforms. It’s a unique value proposition for Irwin.”

A better investor relationship management platform.

An easy-to-use and intuitive interface, a full suite of event management, email marketing, and reporting tools, supported by a team of capital markets experts to help save you time and take your IR program to the next level.

Jeff Chastain
Jeff Chastain
Vice President Investor Relations, H&E Equipment Services
“Investors may sign up to hear what you have to say because they are interested in your industry, but that’s not the best use of a CEO’s time. Thanks to Irwin, we have a higher degree of confidence in their level of interest in our company."

Easily understand what the Street is saying about your stock.

Get access to global equity research and valuation estimates from the Street's top analysts ensuring your stock is being properly represented, and leverage transcripts for competitive intelligence.

Shelley Hubbard

We have been very happy with our switch to Irwin!

We were looking for a more proactive resource to better partner with us on investor targeting and to better leverage customer relationship management information. What we found was a modern IR platform with a dynamic and easy-to-use interface and a high-touch, cohesive team. The team has become my primary resource related to understanding our investors and who we should be reaching out to.

Shelly Hubbard
Vice President Investor Relations, Vista Outdoor LLC